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Gebhard Krewitt Photography   PRIVACY POLICY


Gebhard Krewitt Photography is committed to protecting the privacy of all users.

This privacy policy is designed to help you understand what information is gathered,

how it is used and what we do to protect it, and to assist you in making informed

decisions when using my service.

Unless otherwise indicated this site is running on Velogrid. Velogrid says it works

‘GDPR-compliant’, but I’ll take a closer look at that when visiting the data centre.

Cookies are disabled – well, that’s what Velogrid says.

I do not know if data is secretly sucked off to form personality profiles. You might

get another advertisement for that pair of sneakers which interested you a few weeks

ago. If that happens, I’m very sorry.

I also assume that IP addresses are being stored for security reasons, but hey:

even ministries do that. If you send me an email, I have your email address.

I never delete them – after all, we want to keep in touch – unless you insist.

But we would probably get in trouble then.

That’s it for now. If I feel that it is necessary, I may sit down and reconsider the matter.