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Nelson Arts Festival 11-27 OCT 17
Visual Arts / song4you

Song4You is a series of photographs celebrating the musicians who play at Nelson’s Saturday Market and around the CBD. Photographer Gebhard Krewitt has photographed the musicians in his own documentary way in order to highlight the particularity of each individual musician. Some are local, others come from all around the world. Another slice of ‘We are the World’ in Nelson.


The Alfred Fried Photography Award

In 2015 Gebhard Krewitt was nominated for the Alfred Fried Photography Award for his project re:enactment. To the centenary of the beginning of WW1 Gebhard Krewitt re-photographed Nelson and the immediate environment related to WW1 and named his project re:enactment.
The Alfred Fried Photography Award aims to present human efforts to live together in peace and the quest for beauty and goodness in our lives. The award goes to those photographs that best express the idea that our future lies in peaceful coexistence.

The Shortlist of the Alfred Fried Photography Award 2015