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Nelson New Zealand

Gebhard Krewitt is a photo media arist specialising in documentary photography including political, cultural and social subjects. His work is best described as living between narration and documentation.

Gebhard studied Art and History in Germany. His work has been published in various German magazines including 'Stern', 'Spiegel', 'Geo' and 'Mare'.

He has also completed assignments for other companies such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Lufthansa, a number of banks and NGO's like Greenpeace. These assignments were to create distinctive corporate images for public advertisements. He has been the recipient of several award for his work. Meanwhile the focus of his work lies in the staged and journalistic advertising photography. He feels at home in dirty and loud industrial buildings and equally in boardrooms.


He also uses his knowledge and talent for improvisation scenes that have little in common with reality. With his sensitive and easy manner during photo shoots, his clients feel relaxed and at ease while working with him. Gebhard makes it his job to take remarkable, memorable photographs and is available for assignments on location in Nelson, New Zealand and everywhere else, too.

Gebhard loves fly fishing and names home equally Hamburg, Buenos Aires and Nelson where he has lived since 2005 and where he feels himself at ease.


This is a colour portrait phptpgraph for GEBHARD KREWITT, PHOTOGRAPHY, NELSON, NEW ZEALAND

all by myself

  # 0602      Wandering through a shoe department of a department store in

Hamburg, St. Pauli with only my camera to keep me company. All by myself!

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